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Winradio Wr 1550 Software Update

WiNRADiO Superseded Model ReplacementsWiNRADiO receivers have a long life in the market, typically 5-9 years. Superseded products still continue to be serviced, and software upgrades are provided for as long as practicable after a product's discontinuation.Backward compatibility of new software add-ons and plug-ins, based on the XRS standard, ensures that many latest add-ons continue to be compatible with receivers introduced many years ago,thus maximizing our customers' initial investment in a WiNRADiO receiver. ModelDescriptionYear of introductionYear of discontinuationRecommended replacementWR-1000iWide-band scanning receiver19952000WR-G305iWR-1000eWide-band scanning receiver19972002WR-G305eWR-1500iWide-band scanning receiver19962001WR-G305iWR-1500eWide-band scanning receiver19972003WR-G305eWR-1550iWide-band scanning receiver19972006WR-G305iWR-1550eWide-band scanning receiver19972006WR-G305eWR-3000i-DSPWide-band scanning receiver19972002WR-G315iWR-3100i-DSPWide-band scanning receiver19982003WR-G315iWR-3100eWide-band scanning receiver19982003WR-G315eWR-3150i-DSPWide-band scanning receiver20022008WR-G315iWR-3150eWide-band scanning receiver20022008WR-G315eWR-3500i-DSPWide-band scanning receiver20032009WR-G315i (with WR-AMFE option)WR-3500eWide-band scanning receiver20032009WR-G315e (with WR-AMFE option)WR-3700i-DSPWide-band scanning receiver20032009WR-G315i (with WR-AMFE option)WR-3700eWide-band scanning receiver20032009WR-G315e (with WR-AMFE option)

Winradio Wr 1550 Software Update


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