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Learn Tajweed in Tamil with this Comprehensive Book by Ahmed Imthias

If you are a beginner then Al Hamduna tajweed Quran app would be a great choice for you. You can download your tajweed videos along with learning algorithms to adjust your pace according to your proficiency level. Its highly recommended by many tajweed teachers.

Tajweed Rules In Tamil Pdf Download

Many people are using the same method to learn Tajweed even they are not sure of what the method is but they use a dictionary such as this Quran app. Of course there are other ways to learn Tajweed, but this is a nice way for beginners to start. If you can read Arabic and have a computer or an Android smartphone, then you can learn Tajweed using this Quran app.

Like all other important data, Quran along with Tajweed is a gift from Allah (SWT) to every human being and should therefore be shared and accessed to as much as possible. Learning all the Arabic Language Tajweed is very difficult for beginners, but this app helps to start with it. The method of learning is based on regular repetition. Listening to Quran recitation and writing the words along with Arabic alphabet sounds in your mind is the best way to learn.

Furthermore, its the only app that enables you to listen to the real recitation of Quran. With this app, you can read, recite, and learn Tajweed flawlessly and use the app to compose your own Quran.

The Tajweed methodology has been explained in the Book of Allah (SWT) and in authentic books, such as Al-Muwatta and Al-Jami al-Saghir. There is also an explanation of how to pronounce the Arabic alphabet and words. This app has a database containing the Arabic words, meaning, and letters they are organized into 100 levels.


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