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Laptop Camera Not Working In Windows 10 ((FULL))

The camera on my Lenovo laptop is not working. I keep getting a message that another app is accessing the camera when I have nothing else opened. I cannot use my computer for Skype calls or Zoom meetings. Why is my camera not working on my laptop? Any help would be appreciated.

Laptop Camera not working in Windows 10

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Having a working laptop camera is an essential part of our daily life, from holding a video chat on Skype or Whatsapp Messenger, engaging your audience with live presentations, attending an online class, to joining a Zoom meeting. However, cameras may stop working on your laptop, whether it is from Lenovo, HD, or Dell. This can be distressful. After all, the laptop camera not working problem is more a disconnection from your social and working life than a merely technical failure, especially when the video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Teams are more prone to be impacted when your laptop camera fails to work normally.

Most often, you can check the very basic troubleshooting steps such as restart your computer, restart the app in which you were using the webcam. Or you can try another app that uses the camera. Online tool that uses the webcams is also feasible. If the vary basic steps still cannot fix the laptop camera not working error, you can try the following fixes.

Some laptops have a physical switch or button that turns the camera on or off. When it is turned off, your laptop may not recognize the camera installed or your laptop may show a camera image with a slash through it. So make sure to turn on your camera if your laptop has a switch or button.

Select View optional updates to check if there are updates available for your camera. Updates them and restart your laptop. If there are no updates for your camera, select Advanced options > Optional updates, look for any driver updates for your camera.

Look for cameras under Cameras, Imaging device, or Sound, video and game controllers in Device Manager > right-click on the camera name > select Properties > select the Driver tab > Driver Details > find a file name with stream.sys. If you have this on your laptop, it means the camera was designed prior to windows 7, and you need to replace it with a newer camera. Or else, continue to the next steps.

If you are using an external camera, try using it with another USB port on your laptop first. If your integrated or external webcam still experiences a malfunction on your laptop, you can then try to uninstall and reinstall the laptop camera to fix the not working error. Here are the steps.

Select Start > Settings > Windows Update > Check for updates on your Windows 11 laptop. If your laptop is working with Windows 10, please select Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates.

Start your PC in Safe Mode. Then check if your laptop camera is working properly in safe mode. If not, move on to the next steps. If so, open Task Manager on your laptop > Startup tab > check the programs and apps that have a large impact on your resources > select the problematic apps and click Disable to remove some programs from the start sequence.

Generally, a faulty device driver is the major root for the inability to detect the webcam. You can update the device driver to fix the laptop camera not detected error. In addition, check if you have accidentally deactivated the webcam. This can also be the cause when your laptop annot detect the webcam.

There are majorly three fixes to camera not working on Lenovo laptop. For one thing, please turn off camera privacy mode by going to Lenovo Settings > camera > privacy mode > disable the privacy mode and check if the camera is working one. For the other thing, you can update the camera driver by launching the Device Manager > Imaging Devices > right-clicking on Lenovo EasyCamera > Update Driver to install the latest updates. For the third thing, you can check the settings of the problematic app.

You can fix the error by setting your HP laptop webcam as the default camera, updating the camera driver, uninstall the drivers and apps that are conflicting with the HP webcam, disabling the webcam from the Device Manager.

In the Windows 10 Settings app, there are options that, when disabled, deny all applications on your PC access to the webcam. These options affect not only apps from the Microsoft Store, otherwise referred to as UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications, but also apps from other sources. Therefore, if your built-in webcam is not working, you need to make sure that camera access is enabled. Simply follow the easy procedure below:

You should also consider loading the BIOS or UEFI defaults whether or not you are using a business-class laptop. Doing so can help resolve any BIOS or UEFI issue that might be preventing your camera from functioning. The steps for doing this also vary from PC to PC.

Camera and Microphone are not working in Windows 10 RS4 version 1803. This issue is seen on every type of device including desktops, laptops, and tablets. It is not a problem with the peripherals or a bug with version 1803. This is a result of a new privacy changes which Microsoft has implemented in the April 2018 Update that is revoking access to devices such as Microphone and Camera.

But the laptop camera may not always launch or work as it is ordinarily intended. As one would expect, videoconference-focused apps are prone to be more impacted than others. Thus, issues with laptop cameras not working on Teams or on Zoom are frequent.

  • A dedicated tool that helps you find the precise and latest updates for all your drivers. Free Trial Download now 3. Reinstall the laptop cameraRight-click the Start button, and select Device Manager.

  • Go to Camera and click to expand it.

  • Right-click on your laptop camera or integrated webcam, and choose Uninstall device.

  • Reboot your PC.

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The solutions above will work if the laptop camera is not working and showing a black screen. They will also come in handy if the laptop camera is not working but the light is on, or if it is not working with services like Google Meet, Teams, or on Zoom.

Camera is integrated on laptops and All-in-One PCs, and you can use external USB camera on desktops. If you experience the following camera problems (picture is upside down, no image, camera not recognized, abnormal display, etc.), please refer to the following troubleshooting steps in order:

Resetting the core settings of your laptop might resolve the issue. Some functionalities take a hit when you have made so many changes or installed multiple applications. The integrated camera might be affected by malware introduced to your PC after you install a particular app.

Lenovo-integrated cameras not working with Windows 10,11 is a common problem and can be easily resolved. In case the above suggestions do not work, you should consider getting the hardware checked, as it is also possible to be a hardware issue.

Since the release of version 1803, as part of the privacy improvements, Windows 10 can revoke certain apps access to your microphone and camera automatically, as such checking the privacy settings is one of the first steps to get a camera working on your device.

If your laptop webcam is not working, you should open the Device Manager and check whether there is a yellow exclamatory point next to the camera device. When the camera on your Windows 10 computer suddenly stops functioning correctly, a few things are more aggravating. No matter if your camera is built into your device, like on Microsoft Surface products, or a separate piece of hardware. There are a lot of tips and ways to fix problems related to a webcam not detected, and we shall learn about a few in this article.

When Windows detects new hardware, it will often install the necessary device drivers automatically. If you just updated to Windows 10 and noticed your camera is not functioning. The issue is most likely due to corrupted drivers or driver conflicts. You may solve the problem of "my webcam is not working on Windows 10" by following the methods provided below. However, if you have just switched to Windows 10, you may need to update the drivers for your device manually.

Windows 10 has a function used to turn off the built-in camera. It is an excellent idea to preserve your privacy by switching off your camera whenever you are not using it. On the other hand, changing this setting inadvertently may result in an integrated webcam not working.

A decent camera has never been more crucial than during the coronavirus outbreak. For months, video calling has been the most secure way for individuals to communicate with family, friends, and coworkers. However, you may experience a laptop webcam not detected when you try to have a video call.

For many years, laptops have had low-quality 720p cameras, but this seems to be changing. Full HD quality (1080p) is quickly becoming the norm, and many buyers value an excellent front-facing camera. However, if your webcam is not working, this is of little help, and relying only on speech may not be the most effective solution. So, whether your camera is built-in or externally attached, you can practice webcam troubleshooting.

If you're prompted to give the Camera access to your applications, click "Yes," and then check to see if the camera is working properly. This can let you know if there's an issue with the Camera app, your camera itself, or another app.


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