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Red Alert 2 Yuri Revenge 1.001 No Cd Crack 'LINK'

our story starts as yuri has taken over the planet and he is now locked in a room in alcatraz. he has a red one-way glass window so that the people outside can see the americans' reaction, but he can't see what they are seeing. in a fit of rage, yuri uses his psychic abilities to begin creating nuclear warheads for the alcatraz nuclear reactor, and soon the building is overrun by an atomic explosion. the americans then use a nuke to destroy the transmitting device on the island. the president then switches the old nuclear bomb to the other nuclear bomb he received earlier, which was loaded with the uranium needed to create an atomic bomb. although yuri is weakened by the blast, he is still there and the americans then launch the bomb at alcatraz. after the bomb detonates, yuri begins to retreat from the blast and is transported off alcatraz island and back to russia. yuri is then abducted by the russians and they send him back to russia to be killed by the americans.

red alert 2 yuri revenge 1.001 no cd crack

in yuri's revenge, the player takes on the role of yuri, the head of an alien race that has invaded earth. the game is set in the distant future, and the player must defend earth from the alien invaders by destroying all of the aliens' bases on the planet. yuri can either play as the soviets or the allies.

the first yuri's revenge is a big mod that brings a lot of new content to the game. in a sense, it is a remake of yuri's revenge. the old game was released in 1998 and most of the fans of the original game have downloaded the mod and for that reason this game is the most downloaded mod for yr. a lot of new content such as new units, new weapons and new research has been added to this game.


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