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For just these two intercurrent events, strategies for handling intercurrent events could lead to at least five different potentially quite plausible estimands (as treatment policy for death is excluded as implausible). Furthermore, it is conceivable to consider other appropriate strategies for handling these intercurrent events. Both a composite endpoint or a principal stratum approach could also be applicable for a PRO concept of interest [6, 7]. In fact, death is frequently considered as an event in some time-to-deterioration of quality of life analysis implying a composite strategy [8].

calculator in death epub download site

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The sensitivity analysis provides clues that the LST prediction model may not be necessarily calibrated for extreme heat events, as regression estimates and goodness-of-fits are quite stable between 2000 and 2001, attesting to the robustness of our method. A single day snapshot appears sufficient, meaning that relative temperatures (i.e., spatial gradients) rather than absolute temperatures are required. In the absence of remote sensed data, NDVI data can be downloaded from the NASA website, but at a 1.8 km resolution[63]. Moreover, in case there is no precise local information about the land cover distribution of the studied area, the Corine Land Cover 2006 database can provide reliable and comparable information on land cover across Europe at a 250 m resolution[64].

The recovery rate and weight gain were lower than sphere standard acceptable ranges. On the other hand, death and default rates were within the range of standard in this study. Thus, OTP effectiveness was partial because recovery rate, length of stay, and weight gain were out of sphere standard. Factors identified as significantly associated with treatment outcome of SAM children treated in OTP were distance from OTP site, amoxicillin provision, and type of malnutrition. Moreover, the study leads to conclude as there were gaps in appropriate follow-up of SAM management protocol in the program at the study area. Therefore, stakeholders should manage to shape service providers of OTP with SAM management protocol. To increase the effectiveness of OTP, the performance should be regularly monitored. Special attention was also needed to build capacity of service providers because of current decentralization of OTP to health post. To reveal appropriate utilization of RUTF at home level, further study should be conducted. Besides, coverage of the program also needs to be studied to establish the met need.

In 2017, a total of 41,834 peoples have died of injuries in Ethiopia. Nearly three-fourth of these deaths was resulted from road injury, inter-personal violence, self harm, fall and drowning.. These findings are different from Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) sites study which has reported drowning (21.8%), fall (18.1%), transport injury (18%), self harm (10.3) and assault (10.4%) as a leading causes of injury related deaths. This difference could be justified by the difference in data source. As indicated nearly 80% of HDSS sites data arefrom from rural settings. Such data better represents rural settings than Ethiopia (Gelaye et al., 2018). 350c69d7ab


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