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Scale Every Business Operation with a Custom Chatbot

Happyml can boost productivity and efficiency across all departments in your business. Pace up customer resolution, move more customers down the sales funnel, and qualify leads effortlessly with a custom chatbot tuned for your business needs. 

With Happyml, you can create your own Chatbot for free, without writing a single line of code. Add them to your website, web application, email, SMS, and WhatsApp for speedy customer resolutions. 

Auto-trained on your company's information, Happyml will ask the right questions to prioritize and route new conversations automatically for super-efficient customer support. The custom chatbot will perform tailored tasks for your business. Extend your sales and support teams, streamline workflows, or connect bots to your tech stacks - Happyml can do it all. 


What Makes Our Custom Chatbot Different?

· Addresses Customer Queries Quickly

Happyml collects info from customers upfront and responds instantly to your business information. This saves employees time and energy and boosts productivity.

· Code-free Customization

Design and personalize your chatbot in minutes. Add appearance and tone of your liking and deploy it for training or lead generation.

· Advanced Engagement with Human Control

Custom chatbots start enriched conversations. For critical conversations, a human is always available in the loop and can take control anytime. 

· Replace Outdated Web Forms

Engage new leads and move qualified leads directly to an employee to save time and maximize customer experience and conversions. 


Scale your Business Today

Ready to scale your business with our custom chatbots? Start a free trial and discover the difference Happyml can make for your business.


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