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Glass feeding bottles would be my first choice. Unfortunately, it is not practical. I need a bottle that can withstand the occasional slip from the hand or knock around. It makes for one less thing to fret about when juggling a crying baby in one hand, and literally, everything else in the other.


While plastic feeding bottles seem more practical than glass bottles, not all plastics are equal. Have a closer look and you will find 3 kinds of plastic to choose from: PP, PES & PPSU. If the bottle does not indicate the type of plastic, assume it is PP by default.

PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) is the highest performing thermoplastic that gives better durability and heat tolerance than PP and PES. Not only can it withstand continuous exposure to heat and have extreme capability to absorb impact, PPSU plastic does not absorb odor or color. It is naturally BPA free. Due to its a high melting point of 208C, PPSU plastics are commonly used in aerospace and medical devices that require repeat sterilization. PPSU milk bottles are significantly more expensive than PP and PES bottles, but if you are willing to spend on milk bottles that your baby uses 5-6 times a day every day, this makes for a worthy investment. Despite its supreme durability, it is advisable to change your PPSU milk bottles yearly.

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