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Where Can I Buy A Medical Penlight

As the name suggests, a penlight is a miniature flashlight that is shaped like a pen. It normally measuresaround 5-6 inches long and runs on AA or AAA batteries. Penlights are made with either miniature halogenlightbulbs or LED(light-emitting diode) bulbs. Unlike a regular flashlight, which illuminates a wider area, penlightsare designed to illuminate one very specific area with a bright light. Penlights for nurses and othermedical practitioners are usually used as a diagnostic tool. Some other professions, such as policemen andmechanics, also use penlights in their line of work.

where can i buy a medical penlight


Assessing pupil response: The main purpose of a penlight is to assess pupil response, or how fast the pupilsconstrict when suddenly exposed to a bright light. Medical professionals will often swing the penlight fromeye to eye as well, making sure that both pupils constrict the same amount and that both eyes reactregardless of which one is being exposed to the light. Abnormal pupil response can be symptomatic of manyconditions, including concussions, alcohol intoxication, drug use and injury to or disease of the eyes andtheir nerves.

Looking through drawers: You never know when you might have to search through a dark cabinet orcrowded drawer for clinical supplies. A penlight will give you the illumination you need to see into darknooks and crannies and locate the right item quickly.

This reusable metal penlight costs less than $7 and comes in seven contemporary colors: hot pink, red, royalblue, purple, white, silver and black. The soft LED light provides just the right level of light and runs onone AAA battery (which is included). The metal casing features a 2-9mm pupil gauge imprint on the side. Thelight turns on and off with a simple click on the top button and also comes with a removable cap that keepsthe light from being accidentally activated as you go about your day.

At Tiger Medical, we have a full line of medical products to fulfill the needs of small and large clinics, hospitals, and outpatient facilities. We have the wherewithal to supply medical facilities with everything from vital signs monitors to swabsticks. Read more

1) Small,light and sturdy As an Led pen light is usually used as an auxiliary lighting, where main lights are not able to be used.In that case, Doctors usually need to hand the medical pen light.Thus ,it has to be small in size and light in weight. Also as doctors may use them frequently and sometimes need to do swinging test.Therefore, the Led pen light has to be sturdy and easy clipping in pocket from falling off.

2) Bright enough but no harmAn Led pen light has to be bright enough because sometimes you need to enough illumination for checking and test. While it should not be so high bright like our 1000 lumen led flashlight or 3000 lumen led flashlight.Around 100 lumen will be enough. Also it should not be harmful. Hence,The CRI of a medical pen light will be warm white.High power flashlight will cause temporarily or permanent blind.

3) easily powered and operatedAn Led pen light shall use commonly found batteries like AAA or AA.Also,it has to be easily operated. Low to high or low-middle-high is enough. No need for strobe,SOS,etc.A click switch will be perfect design for a medical pen light.

High Color Rendering with 200 Lumens Output: WUBEN E19 pen flashlight utilizes high color rendering NICHIA 219C LED (Ra>90), powered by 2 pcs AAA Alkaline battery(included), emits a beam light up to 200 lumens, which is very outstanding output for high CRI pen light. With the high CRI LED, E19 will reveal the color of the items more closer to their original color, allows medical personnel, or other professionals to see every detail of the object and helping them make an accurate inspection.

The medical penlight is made of anodized aluminum clip to hold it on your uniform, easy to carry, bright clear light push-button on/off switch low power consumption and long use time. It is great for doctor and nurse use. Any customized logo can be printed on it.

GP = general penlight; RM = refractometer; DGPLRMBPDC = difference of general penlight and refractometer before pupillary contraction; MGPLRMBPC = mean of general pen light and refractometer before pupillary contraction.

GP = general penlight; RM = refractometer; DGPLRMAPC = difference of general penlight and refractometer after pupillary contraction; MGPLRMAPC = mean of general penlight and refractometer after pupillary contraction.

APL = advanced penlight; RM = refractometer; DAPLRMBPC = difference of advanced penlight and refractometer before pupillary contraction; MAPLRMBPC = mean of advanced penlight and refractometer before pupillary contraction.

APL = advanced penlight; RM = refractometer; DAPLRMBPC = difference of advanced penlight and refractometer after pupillary contraction; MAPLRMBPC = mean of advanced penlight and refractometer after pupillary contraction.

Compared to the GPL, the APL has a more innovative design and evaluation method of pupil diameter measurement. Its cost is lower. We estimate the price of the APL to be approximately US $9.5. Moreover, the APL can be handmade using available raw materials. The production technology is easy. The potential for mechanization is high, which is beneficial for future mass production. The APL is easy to use and no extra training is required. Pupillometry can be used in many studies and applications. In addition to the evaluation of nursing care quality, medical diagnosis, and disease prognosis, changes in the pupil diameter could become a method of understanding and measurement of cognitive acts [24]. So far, there is no similar product. Therefore, there will be no competition on the market and the potential market is large. At present, general wards, intensive care units, and emergency rooms are equipped with GPL. Therefore, as long as the GPL is slightly modified and improved into the APL, it not only can achieve precise and confidence pupil diameter measurement, but also save the measure time for health and nursing care practitioners.

The authors are very grateful of Guan-Ting Chen, Qian-Hing Fu, Ya-Qiong Zeng, Yu-Shan Wang, Zheng-Jie Dai, and Zhu-Xin Li (listed alphabetically by first name) who provided suggestions for designing and producing of APL. We also thank all participants for their willingness to complete the experiment, providing valuable information and valuable suggestions for improving the effects of the penlight.

Show your Academy pride every time you examine a patient with the Academy Medical Penlight. This disposable, long-lasting medical penlight features a dual-function pocket clip that provides portability as well as convenience, serving as an on/off switch for easy one-handed use. The 5-inch white penlight with the Academy logo in green fits easily in a lab coat pocket and is great for dietitians, nurses, doctors, and all types of medical personnel. Batteries included.

Being a doctor, EMT or a nurse is an extremely hard job but luckily there are some tools that make the day to day a bit easier. A penlight is one of these tools and most medical professionals will find themselves using their penlight multiple times a day to do everything from examining patients to assisting their coworkers.

This nursing penlight comes in two colors and it is made from aluminum alloy with a size of 12.7cm length x 1.2 diameters. It is a super lightweight option making it easy to carry around in your pocket and it is a perfect match for any hand. It comes with four batteries, and it is simple to use.

The Primacare penlight has one of the brighter bulbs which makes it useful for almost any medical situation. It also has excellent battery consumption because of its LED bulb and feels solid in your hand.

ADC Metalite Reusable Penlight is an aluminum medical penlight designed for checking patient vitals. Small, lightweight, and portable, this penlight was designed to meet your needs, with a locking toggle activation that displays a bright light with just one click, leaving the light on until the button is clicked again.

The Metalite Reusable Penlight is excellent for doctors, nurses, emergency responders, and other medical service providers who need light to examine their patients. Lightweight, bright, and durable this penlight is a must-have for any medical professional.

Buy Metalite Reusable Penlight online from a set aside SDVOSB Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business medical supplies company like Mountainside Medical Equipment that is certified with the United States Government.

If you want the next step up, the Foursevens Preon 2 has multiple light modes (dim for carefree direct pupil, bright for room flooding) and is generally well-loved as the most versatile LED penlight around (downsides: bit wider; click button means you can leave it on by accident and waste the battery).

Because I had images of running to save the day with my medical bag, I purchased one and never really used it. It collects dust in my garage, but I guess it keeps my medical equipment and that expensive PanOptic set I purchased (see above) clean!

Despite what I have said above, I have since done several medical mission trips and am interested in wilderness and survival medicine. A decent backpack with plenty of pockets or a prepacked duffel bag specifically for this purpose should do the trick If you are thinking of purchasing an all-purpose medical kit just in case you need to save a life at home or from your car I think the following would be a much better option than purchasing a medical bag which holds a tuning fork that is rarely helpful in the event of an emergency. There are many kits on the market, you can assemble your own, or simply purchase a pre-configured set and add to it. I have seen some decent ones sold at warehouse stores like Costco and REI. These are two I would highly recommend for anyone wanting a good all-purpose kit.

The BV Medical 6 Pack of Penlights comes with a pupil gauge ranging from 2 to 9 mm on each. The penlight has a LED bulb that illuminates brightly for you to see. With a metal pocket clip and easy clip activated light, you can bring your penlight anywhere. The plastic construction body makes this penlight lightweight. 041b061a72


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