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Trafiq Racer: The Most Realistic and Stunning Car Racing Game Ever

Traffic Racer: A Fun and Addictive Endless Arcade Racing Game

Do you love driving fast cars on busy roads? Do you enjoy the thrill of dodging traffic and racing against time? If yes, then you should try Traffic Racer, a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing games. In this game, you can drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. You can also try to be one of the fastest drivers in the global leaderboards. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Traffic Racer, including what it is, how to play it, what features it has, why you should play it, and some tips and tricks to help you improve your skills.

trafiq racer

What is Traffic Racer?

Traffic Racer is a mobile game developed by SK Games, a Turkish indie game studio. It was released in 2012 for Android and iOS devices. It has since been downloaded over 100 million times and has received positive reviews from players and critics alike. It's an endless runner, like many mobile games, but this time with the backdrop of busy roads and fast moving traffic. It's your task to keep heading forwards for as long as possible while scoring points for near misses and longer runs.

How to play Traffic Racer

The gameplay of Traffic Racer is simple and intuitive. You can choose from two control options: tilt or touch. Tilt your device to steer your car left or right, or touch the left or right side of the screen to do the same. You also have a gas button to accelerate and a brake button to slow down. You can switch between these buttons by tapping the settings icon on the main menu. Your goal is to drive as fast as you can without crashing into other vehicles or obstacles. The faster you drive, the more points you get. You also get bonus points for driving in opposite direction in two-way mode, overtaking cars closely, or driving over 100 km/h. You can use these points to buy new cars or upgrade your existing ones. You can also earn cash by completing missions or watching ads.

Features of Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer has many features that make it an enjoyable and varied game. Here are some of them:

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Stunning 3D graphics

The game has impressive 3D graphics that create a realistic and immersive driving experience. The cars are detailed and well-designed, the environments are diverse and colorful, and the lighting and shadows are dynamic and realistic. The game also runs smoothly on most devices, thanks to its optimized performance.

Smooth and realistic car handling

The game has smooth and realistic car handling that makes driving fun and satisfying. The cars respond well to your inputs, whether you use tilt or touch controls. The physics are also realistic, as the cars have different weights, speeds, accelerations, brakes, and handling characteristics. You can feel the difference between driving a sports car or a truck, for example.

40+ different cars to choose from

The game has a wide range of cars to choose from, each with its own style and performance. You can drive a sedan, a hatchback, a pickup, a SUV, a bus, a truck, a police car, a taxi, a limo, a van, a muscle car, a supercar, and more. You can also unlock some special cars by completing certain missions or achievements. You can see the stats of each car before you buy it, such as its top speed, acceleration, brake, and handling.

5 detailed environments

The game has 5 detailed environments to drive in, each with its own theme and atmosphere. You can drive in the suburbs, the desert, the snowy city, the rainy night city, or the forest. Each environment has different weather effects, such as rain, snow, fog, or sun. Each environment also has different types of traffic and obstacles, such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, animals, bridges, tunnels, or roadworks.

5 game modes

The game has 5 game modes to test your skills and preferences. You can play in endless mode, where you drive as long as you can without crashing. You can play in two-way mode, where you drive in the opposite direction of the traffic for extra points. You can play in time trial mode, where you have to reach checkpoints before time runs out. You can play in free ride mode, where you can drive freely without any rules or objectives. You can also play in police chase mode, where you have to escape from the police cars that are chasing you.

Rich types of NPC traffic

The game has rich types of NPC traffic that make the driving more realistic and challenging. You will encounter different kinds of vehicles on the road, such as cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and more. You will also see pedestrians walking on the sidewalks or crossing the streets. You have to be careful not to hit them or cause accidents. The traffic density and speed vary depending on the environment and the game mode. Sometimes you will face heavy traffic jams or fast moving cars that require quick reflexes and skills.

Basic customization through paint and wheels

The game has basic customization options that allow you to personalize your car. You can change the color of your car by choosing from various paint options. You can also change the wheels of your car by choosing from different styles and sizes. These changes will affect the appearance of your car but not its performance.

Online leaderboards and achievements

The game has online leaderboards and achievements that add more fun and competition to the game. You can compare your scores and rankings with other players around the world on the global leaderboards. You can also try to unlock various achievements that reward you for completing certain tasks or challenges in the game.

Why you should play Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is a game that you should play if you are looking for a fun and addictive endless arcade racing game. Here are some reasons why you should play it:

It's easy to pick up and play

Traffic Racer is a game that anyone can play without any prior experience or knowledge. The controls are simple and intuitive, the gameplay is straightforward and fast-paced, and the rules are clear and simple. You don't need to spend hours learning how to play or mastering complex mechanics. You just need to tap your screen and enjoy the ride.

It's challenging and rewarding

Traffic Racer is a game that will challenge your skills and reflexes as you drive faster and faster through busy traffic. The game will keep you on your toes as you avoid crashing into other vehicles or obstacles. The game will also reward you for your efforts with cash, points, new cars, upgrades, and achievements. The game will also keep you motivated with its missions and challenges that require you to perform specific actions or reach certain goals.

It's free and fair

Traffic Racer is a game that you can play for free without any hidden costs or paywalls. The game does not require any internet connection or registration to play. The game also does not force you to watch ads or buy in-app purchases to progress. You can earn enough cash and points by playing the game itself. The game also does not have any unfair advantages or disadvantages for different players. The game is based on your skills and luck, not on your wallet or device.

Tips and tricks for Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is a game that you can improve your skills and scores by following some tips and tricks. Here are some of them:

Tilt or touch to steer

Traffic Racer is a game that gives you two options to steer your car: tilt or touch. You can choose the one that suits you better by tapping the settings icon on the main menu. Tilt your device to steer your car left or right, or touch the left or right side of the screen to do the same. Both options have their pros and cons, so experiment with them and find your preference. Tilt control may give you more precision and accuracy, but it may also make you lose balance or grip of your device. Touch control may give you more stability and comfort, but it may also block your view or make you miss the buttons.

Use the gas and brake buttons wisely

Traffic Racer is a


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